About Us

Bill Fernandez & Ethan Sloan - Owners/Inventors of Flagger Toss Game

There's an old farmhouse in Lee, NH where we lived with a bunch of friends in the mid-'90's. We were in business school at the University of New Hampshire. A lot of hard work and a lot of good times happened at that house. In addition to jam band and Sega Genesis sessions, our other favorite pastime during that era was pitching start-up ideas and inventions to each other.
After graduation, we went our separate ways. Bill went on to study filmmaking at Florida State University (Go 'Noles!), then on to work as a cinematographer in LA--and Ethan went on to a sales career in the tech sector in Atlanta. Although we were on opposite sides of the country, we always stayed in touch and always seemed to have an active email thread relating to some sort of invention or business idea.
A while back we decided that one of the ideas, a toss game based on falling maple seeds, was worth pursuing--and we got together to flesh it out. Unfortunately, the whirlybird prototypes we made were wildly inaccurate and the concept spun to the ground and burned. But importantly, the exercise of making these whirling gizmos put our heads firmly into the toss game space. After we abandoned the spinning seeds, we sat down to watch a football game, a ref threw a flag and the idea for Flagger struck us.
We then formed Lee House, LLC in honor of our old place at UNH and began work on the Flagger project. Today, we're extremely excited to share this game with the world. We hope that Flagger becomes a part of your beach and barbecue days and we look forward to seeing a lot of flags fly!