Flagger Jack

Flagger Jack

Flagger Jack is the newest addition to the Flagger family.

Flagger Jack is bocce with football flags! It’s an ultra-portable, dynamic toss game that couples a ball target, or “Jack”, with Flagger's high-flying, aerodynamic flags.

The Jack target is thrown a different distance, direction and onto different terrain with every round--so Flagger Jack presents some new challenges to all the Flagger flag-throwing enthusiasts!

Flagger Jack flags come in Penalty Yellow, Challenge Red, Pylon Orange & Turf Green. The Jack is zebra-striped, just like a referee. The game can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players.

Flagger Jack will first be available at Kinnucan's Specialty Outfitter stores beginning in October 2016! A perfect gift for yourself or others, keep an eye out for Jack!