Flagger Toss Game

You've watched referees and coaches throw flags around football fields for years, but you no longer need a penalty or a coach's challenge to see flags fly. Introducing Flagger, the world's first flag toss game. Flagger utilizes two iconic elements of football, the flags and the pylons. Each game set is made-up of six durable, aerodynamic flags and two bright, high-quality pylons. The object of the game is to throw your flags as close as possible to, or into, the pylon targets. Landing a flag inside of a pylon is called a "Flagger", and that shot can immediately win you a game!
Flagger is an ultra-portable, play-anywhere game. Chuck flags at the beach, a tailgate party, in the backyard, at the park or anywhere in between. Flagger is also designed for short-course, indoor gameplay. 
Don't penalize yourself for delay of game, pick-up Flagger today, and... Throw the Flag!
  • Flagger includes: (2) pylon targets, (6) flags, (1) game bag & (1) playbook
  • Each pylon target is NFL/NCAA regulation-size and has a heavy-duty, fluorescent orange zippered case.
  • Each pylon target is filled with a 3 lb. sandbag and a square tube that rests on top of the sandbag base. The sandbag allows the pylon to stand upright on all playing surfaces. The square tube serves as a storage compartment for the flags when the game is not being played and a bullseye-like target when the game is being played.
  • Each flag is made of high-quality ripstop nylon and a durable microfiber.
  • The game bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and is made of canvas.
(Note: Flagger is intended for use on grass, sand, carpet or other soft surfaces. Not intended for use on asphalt, concrete or other hard, abrasive surfaces.)