Flagger 2 Player Rules:
1. Unzip the pylons and remove the flags.
2. Velcro the top flaps open on both pylons.
3. Set the pylons 10 yards apart (which is about 10 large strides apart).
  • The distance between the pylons can be increased or decreased based upon a player's skill level or the dimensions of the space available to play.
4. Grab three flags per player.
5. Both players stand behind pylon #1 and take turns tossing one flag at a time at pylon #2. The object of the game is to land your flags as close as possible to, or into, the pylon target.
  • Players can choose who leads-off in the first round, but the player with the most total points leads-off in the follow-up rounds.
  • Flags can be thrown using any style imaginable, but the recommended throwing style is to grab the end of the flag's tail and toss it underhand.
  • If a flag is thrown while a player's foot is in front of the pylon it is a foot foul. A foot foul throw does not count and it cannot be re-thrown.
    6. After all of the flags have been tossed, walk to pylon #2 and score the round according to the "Scoring the Game" section of the rules.
    7. After scoring is complete, both players grab their flags, stand behind pylon #2 and play toward pylon #1.
    Flagger 4 Player Rules:
    In four player games, divide into two teams of two players each. Place one player from each team at pylon #1 and one player from each team at pylon #2. Use the same game play rules and flags as in the two player game, but rather than walking back-and-forth from pylon-to-pylon, one set of players always throws in one direction (from pylon #1 toward pylon #2) and the other set of players always throws in the other direction (from pylon #2 toward pylon #1).
    Scoring the Game:
    Scoring is based on the position of the flag's head, the position of the flag's neckband and tail do not count.
    • A flag that is out of scoring position can be used as a measuring tool to judge the flags that are in scoring position.

    Games are played to 21 points, but speed games can be played to 14 or whatever point value is agreed upon.

    Point Values:

    1 Point:

    • Given to any flags that are closer to the pylon than your opponent's closest flag.

    7 Points:

    • Given to any flag heads that are resting directly against the pylon. These are called "Resters".

    Automatic Victory - the Flagger & the Flagger Save:

    • If a player tosses a flag down the pylon's hollow core, this is called a "Flagger". The player that throws a Flagger automatically wins the game unless their opponent can also throw a Flagger on their next throw, called a "Flagger Save". If a Flagger Save occurs, the Flagger flags are considered Push Flags and no points are awarded for the round.


    • A Flagger Save is only allowed if the player attempting a Flagger Save has a flag left to throw in the round. Therefore, if a Flagger happens on the last flag throw of a round, it is an automatic victory and cannot be Flagger Saved.

    General Scoring Notes:

    Push Flags:

    • If two opposing flags are equidistant from the pylon, or both Resters, or both Flaggers, they are considered "Push Flags" and no point values are assigned.
    • If Push Flags are the closest flags to the pylon in the round, the round ends with no points scored.
    • If the Push Flags are not the closest flags to the pylon in the round, points are awarded to the closest flags, but no points can be earned by the Push Flags.

    A Downed Pylon:

    • If a pylon is knocked over by a flag, then a flag's scoring position is judged based on its proximity to any portion of the downed pylon.
    • If a Flagger occurs and the pylon in knocked over, the shot counts as a Flagger as long as the flag head remains fully within the pylon's hollow core after it falls over.


    • A Flagger Save is still allowed in this instance, but it may be unlikely/impossible because the pylons tend to topple with their openings pointing away from the throwing side.

    Short-Course/Indoor Scoring:

    For a short-course/indoor game, set the pylons 5 yards apart (which is about 5 large strides apart). Play to 21 points and award 1 point to any flags that are closer to the pylon than your opponent's closest flag, 3 points to Resters and 7 points to Flaggers.

    Enjoy the game!