Flagger Jack Toss Game

Flagger Jack Toss Game

Flagger Jack - Bocce with Football Flags

Flagger Jack is the newest addition to the Flagger family.

Flagger Jack is an ultra-portable toss game that couples a ball target, or "Jack", with high-flying, aerodynamic flags. The flags are souped-up versions of the ones used by football referees and coaches.

Each game set is made-up of (4) flags, (1) Jack target, (1) game box & (1) playbook. The flags come in Pylon Orange and Turf Green. The Jack is zebra-striped, just like a referee. 

The object of the game is to throw your flags as close as possible to the Jack target. The Jack is thrown a different distance and direction ahead of each round, so players can use the terrain to challenge their opponents. Games are played to 21, and points are awarded for all flags that are closer to the Jack than your opponent's closest flag. 7 points are awarded for resting a flag directly against the Jack.

Flagger Jack is perfect for the beach, backyard, tailgate parties, campsites, college campuses, the park, indoors or anywhere in between.

Don't penalize yourself for delay of game, pick-up Flagger Jack today and... Throw the Flag!


  • Flagger Jack includes: (4) flags, (1) Jack target, (1) game box & (1) playbook.
  • The flags have ripstop nylon tails and synthetic suede heads.
  • The flags have 4-panel, football-shaped heads and they're 12" long.
  • Flag colors: Pylon Orange & Turf Green.
  • The Jack target is made of synthetic suede.
  • Each flag head is filled with 3 oz. of sand and the Jack is filled with 3.5 oz. of sand.
  • The game box is made of solid New Zealand pine, with a rope handle.
  • Game box dimensions: 15" tall x 5" wide x 5" deep.